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How to Find a Good Local Granite Fabricator?

Choosing a new granite countertop should not be that difficult, especially if you take the time to find a good local granite fabricator. You may have a few granite fabricators near where you live, but we can guarantee that not all of them are going to be good at their job.  

Thankfully, we know a few things that you can look for, so you can not only choose the best local granite fabricator for your new granite countertops, but you can also have an incredible experience from the moment you start the process until long after your counters are installed.  


What to Check Out When Looking for a Local Granite Fabricator

One of the first things that we recommend that you do is visit your local granite fabricator’s showroom or the facility where the granite fabrication is completed. This is a much better option than having sample pieces brought to your home, because those samples may have been from pieces that were available ten years ago.  

Since each piece of the granite countertop is unique, you must go see them in person if you want to know that the quality is excellent and to find the piece that will look the best in your kitchen!

Once you determine that you are happy with the quality of granite in front of you, there are a few other things that you will want to check before starting to work with a granite fabricator. First, you should check their reviews online and see what their Better Business Bureau rating is. Please remember that not everyone will leave proper reviews, so you may need to weed through a few known bad ones and ignore them. Of course, if quite a few people are saying the same bad things about the granite fabricator, you should definitely ask questions or reconsider whether you want to work with them.  

As soon as you have seen good reviews, you should ask to see recent photographs of their work and ask to speak to clients that they have worked for in the last few weeks. This will allow you to speak with some past clients and see exactly how they feel about the kitchen countertops that were installed.  

An excellent granite fabricator will also have insurance to cover any accidents or problems during the installation process of your new countertops. This insurance should include workman’s comp, business liability, and anything else that your state requires.  

If the local granite fabricator you want to work with has met all the conditions mentioned above, then you are practically guaranteed that they are good at their job. However, at this point, you should also start to discuss the color of your new countertops.  


Choosing the Right Color for Your Granite Countertops 

It is important that the color of your granite countertops matches the rest of the décor of your kitchen. This means that you need to be careful to not choose colors that will clash! A professional granite fabricator, who is good at their job, will be willing to spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that you have the perfect color at the end.  

This means that they won’t tell you that you have a good eye and chose the perfect piece of granite right away. Nope! Instead, they will work hard to tell you why your first choice may or may not work and which options would be much better for you and your needs.  

Never settle for second best when it comes to local granite fabricators because when you do, you will find that you have a granite countertop that is nothing like what you really wanted in your kitchen. Therefore, carefully choose the best, so you can love your granite countertop every time you use it!

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